Sew Over It PDF Club :: keep up to date with all of our PDF pattern releases and get 10% off every one!

PDF Club Membership


2017 is going to be a very exciting year at Sew Over It, with tonnes of new PDF patterns coming your way. (We’re planning to release one a month – wowsers!)

Want to be the first to find out about them? Want discounts off every new pattern? Want a FREE PDF only pattern of your choice when you sign up? Then join the Sew Over It PDF Club, our exciting new club for PDF pattern lovers!

As a member of the PDF Club, you’ll get exclusive first access to new PDF patterns, one week before they’re released to everyone else. Every month we’ll send you a secret email with all the exciting details, as well as a 10% off code for the new pattern. And that’s not all! Immediately after you have signed up to the club, we will send you an email with an exclusive code that allows you to download one PDF only pattern of your choice for free!

What are you waiting for? Join now for loads of Sew Over It exclusives and some serious savings! We can’t wait to have you in our club!

PLEASE NOTE: you MUST subscribe (or already be subscribed) to the mailing list in order to receive the PDF Club emails. You can do this at the end of checkout. If you do not subscribe we won’t be able to contact you about new patterns or send you your discount codes. See below for more details and FAQs.

Membership to the PDF Club is organised annually, and regardless of the sign up date, any memberships undertaken in 2017 will expire on midnight 31st December 2017. This means the earlier you join, the longer you can take advantage of your PDF Club benefits!



What will I get exclusive first access to?

As the name suggests, this club is all about PDF patterns. Membership to the PDF Club entitles you to first dibs on all PDF-only patterns, but does not include exclusive first access to any other type of product, including new London classes, online classes, limited edition kits or printed paper patterns (including the PDF version).

Which patterns can I get for free when I sign up to the PDF Club?

When you sign up to the PDF Club you receive a code to download a free PDF only pattern. This includes the Anderson Blouse, Betty Dress Add-on Pack, Cowl Neck Dress, Heather Dress, Kimono Jacket, Knickers, Lizzie Skirt, Nancy Dress, Poppy Playsuit, Silk Cami, Susie Blouse, Tie, Tulip Skirt and Ultimate Pyjamas. It does not include the brand new pattern that’s just been released, the five patterns included in the My Capsule Wardrobe: City Break eBook, or PDF versions of our paper patterns.

Is it a one-off payment, or a monthly or weekly subscription?

Membership to the PDF Club is £5 for 2017. It is a one-off payment. You will not be charged anything further. Your membership will not automatically renew in 2018. We will remind you that membership for 2017 is ending, and if you would like to resubscribe for 2018 you can do – but you don’t have to.

Why do I have to subscribe to the mailing list?

We manage the PDF Club using Mailchimp lists and automation. Before anybody can be added to a Mailchimp mailing list, permission is required by law from the subscriber. If you choose not subscribe to the mailing list, you will not receive the emails informing you of new patterns and you will not receive your introductory welcome discount code for a free pattern of your choice.

Similarly, if you unsubscribe from the PDF Club emails, you will stop receiving new pattern announcements. We cannot guarantee that we will be able to resubscribe you to a mailing list once you have left it.

I am already subscribed to the mailing list. Do I need to subscribe again?

As long as you are using the same email address to purchase the PDF Club membership as the one you are subscribed to the mailing list with, then no, there is no need to resubscribe. If you are not sure, it’s always worth ticking the box anyway.

Why does my membership expire on 31st December?

PDF Club membership for 2017 expires at midnight on 31st December 2017, regardless of when you sign up. Even though you receive more value for money the earlier you join, it is still valuable to sign up as late as December as you will always receive a free PDF only pattern of your choice (worth £5 or more).

I don’t like PDFs. Is there a paper pattern club?

Unfortunately not. However we do urge you to reconsider PDF sewing patterns! They are instantly downloadable anywhere in the world, can be printed as many times as you like, and are of course, cheaper! But you might be interested in the next answer…

Do the patterns contain copyshop versions?

Yes, all new PDF patterns come with a copyshop version of the pattern, as well as the usual tiled print-at-home file. If you don’t like cutting and sticking, we’ve got you covered!


If your question hasn’t been answered here, take a look at our extended list of PDF Club FAQs.