Important News

With a mix of sadness and optimism, today we’re announcing that from January we’ll be closing our London shop on weekdays, only opening from then on on Saturdays. From then we’ll stop selling fabric, and instead we’ll be concentrating on bringing you more of what you love us for; our patterns and online classes. We’re staying in the same location, so our newly redesigned London classes will still run at weekends.

Over the past year we’ve found running a bricks and mortar retail business increasingly difficult, and it’s become unsustainable for us to keep the shop stocked and open. Since we opened our first shop in Clapham in 2011, we’ve constantly evolved and been led by the business. With the difficulties UK high streets are facing right now, we can see it’s time for us to listen to what the business is telling us, and head down a new path.

Focusing online, next year we want to reach more people with what we do best. We’re planning more patterns, more online classes, and more fantastic content across our social media and YouTube accounts. Our PDF Club will be back and better than ever. We’ll have a brand new My Capsule Wardrobe eBook coming out. And we’ll be doubling the amount of patterns we’re bringing you, back to one every month.

We’re really sad that we’re not able to keep our shop open during the week, but we’re incredibly excited about what’s to come. We hope to see our London locals for brand new weekend classes and special events soon!

To thank you for your support, all our fabric* is on sale with 50% off. Just use code BIGTHANKYOU at checkout. No refunds or credit can be given if the code is not applied.

To help explain our decision, Lisa has filmed a video, which you can watch here, or find on our YouTube channel.

You need to know

– From January 2020 we will be closing our London shop Sunday-Friday, effective Friday 20th December when we close for our Christmas break. However we will remain open on Saturdays from 4th January onwards.

– We will still run our London classes at the weekends, as well as special one-off events. You can see everything we have planned on our Classes & Events page.

– The cancellation policy for our London classes is changing. Please read our updated terms and conditions on our FAQs page.

– We will no longer sell fabric online or in store, with the exception of our own designs, after all current stock has been sold.

– If you have a gift voucher or store credit and you wish to spend it on fabric or haberdashery, you will need to use it now, as we will no longer stock these items from the new year.

– Our online shop will continue to run as normal, albeit without fabric. You will be able to buy paper and PDF patterns as usual, and access your PDF downloads.

*Excludes Lisa Comfort fabrics

We want to say a huge thank you to all our London locals and those who’ve made the trip from much further afar to come and visit our shop. We’re so grateful for your support, and we hope you’ll stick with us on this journey going forward.

12 thoughts on “Important News”

  1. Christine Gradwell says:

    So sorry to here the news regarding the shop closure during the week. I have purchased many fabrics online over the years. Your service is second to non.
    Wishing you and your team every success for the future.
    Love watching your blogs Lisa, you are an inspiration. Hope 2020 is a happier year for you personally
    Chris Gradwell

  2. Loriann Payne says:

    I’m gutted. I’m in shock. And I’ll continue to be one of the faithful. It breaks my little heart for you and your employees. I’m so happy to know that you’ll continue Stitch School and the PDF patterns. I do hope that you’ll also offer “cup size” options on your patterns.

    Best of luck and so much love from Loriann Payne in Oregon…

  3. Deborah Jerred says:

    Such sad news that we will see another fabric shop close it’s doirs, yet totally understand your decision too. Wishing you all the best in your future ventures.

  4. Stephani Gioia says:

    I’m so sad to hear of your shop’s closing during the weekdays but can say that on a happy note, and someone from over here on Canada, I am excited about the increase of pattern availability and more online classes!

  5. SusieHenderson says:

    Sad but exciting news! I can completely understand your situation and the need to concentrate on what works best. Your on-line classes are fabulous and make things easier and very clear. On-line seems to be the way so many fabric shops are heading and give a lot of choice but without the chance to “stroke” the fabrics.
    I’m looking forward to your new ebook and patterns next year, and wish all your hardworking staff the very best for whatever the future brings them.
    Love to you all xxxx

  6. Anne says:

    Good luck with the new arrangements hope you,ll be including plus sizes as i do love your patterns

  7. Annette Lovell says:

    It is a shock to see you will not be able to offer fabric etc. I am for one deadly dissapointed having just bought my daughter a voucher to buy some fabric from you site. I myself am struggling also having had a Sew Over It voucher bought for my birthday this November.

    I normally am not a user of Sew Over It but my birthday voucher was a chance to try out your fabrics and patterns.

    If I hadn’t seen your YouTube video this morning I would still be in the dark about your plans and would be thinking that after the Black Friday sale you would be restocking.

    I can only hope that all goes well for you all and that all the peple who have bought vouchers, especially with Christmas in mind, will be able to exchange them.

    1. Alex - Sew Over It says:

      Hi Annette! I’m sorry you feel disappointed. We won’t be offering a full range of fabric going forward from January, but we will sell our own designs and hopefully some other select lines too. Fabric isn’t completely disappearing! Plus vouchers can be spent on everything else we offer at Sew Over It, including our London classes and huge range of sewing patterns. We hope both you and your daughter will find something you’ll love! Keep an eye out this week, as we’ll be adding all the fabric we brought back from the Knitting & Stitching Show to our website 🙂

      1. Sharon Lettitia Townsend-Thompson says:

        I wish you and your team all the very best for the future, I’m truly sorry about the changes to your shop. Although I had visited the shop on one occasion, as I had discovered your shop while on the Essex Road October of this year.

        Kind regards

        1. Alex - Sew Over It says:

          Thank you Lettitia 🙂

  8. Yvonne says:

    Could sense there was a change happening, as I frequent the website a number of times a week. I love atteneding the classes even though I could only manage 1 this year.
    Glad to hear you’re not completing going away and look forward to the revamped Sew Over It.
    Wishing everyone all the best.
    Seasons greetings


    1. Alex - Sew Over It says:

      Thank you Yvonne 🙂

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