DIY Embellished Shorts

Hi everyone!

Today we’re really excited to bring you a lovely customising project by Charlotte from Lotts and Lots. She’s going to show us how to jazz up some denim shorts with these beautiful fabrics and trims (all sold in our shop!).


Lets get started…


– denim shorts (a denim skirt would also work)
printed fabric
– Bondaweb
embroidered ribbons
– a selection of gem stones
– needle and thread


First select your fabric, a cotton with a big, not too detailed print works best for this. Once selected, cut around your flower shapes – you want a mixture of sizes and colours so you can create your own pattern.

Taking a sheet of Bondaweb arrange your shapes, you want the wrong side of the fabric to be on the glue side (the side without the paper backing). Bondaweb is available in most fabric shops and haberdasheries and is a heat activated bonding agent ideal in these kinds of projects. Using a hot iron fix the bondaweb to the back of the fabric shapes.

Once cooled, cut around the shapes again. You are now ready to start embellishing.


Starting with your fabric shapes play around with placement and composition. I personally think that designs look better when they are asymmetric so I concentrated the design around one pocket and had a less dense design around the other. Its important to mix size shape and colour, I used the largest rose and leaf shape to take the design over to the back pocket and then added smaller roses and leaves to fill in the gaps.  Once you are happy with the placement peel off the backing and fix into place with a hot iron.

Next, cut out flower shapes from your ribbon. I decided to stick to pink flowers to match the colour of the fabric. Have a play with placement; you still want to see most of the fabric so fill in gaps with these ribbon shapes. Once you’re happy, hand stitch into place.

Now its jewel time! I stuck to a palette of greens, pink and cream to compliment the fabric pattern. In clusters of three, add the jewels in any spaces in the pattern. Stitch into place.


You don’t have to stick to denim shorts with this technique; it would work just as well on shirts, dresses and t-shirts. Give it a go it’s an ideal way to breathe a bit of life into your wardrobe.


Thanks Charlotte! If you’re not reading Charlotte’s blog yet, you should! You can follow her on Bloglovin here.

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