DIY Travel Purse with Heals Fabric

We’re dreaming of holidays lately. Last week we showed you how to make a sunglasses case (just in case the sunshine ever returns). This week we’re going to show you how to make this handy little travel purse.

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We’re using Heal’s Fabric again, this time it’s Cloud Study by Emily Patrick. The purse is fully lined with a plain cotton from our shop, and it also features a credit card sized pocket and a little ribbon loop inside for your keys.

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If you’d like to make one, here’s what you’re going to need:

– two back pieces (one in outer fabric, one in lining) measuring 12cm x 16cm
– two top front pieces (one in outer fabric, one in lining) measuring 5cm x 16cm
– two bottom front pieces (one in outer fabric, one in lining) measuring 9cm x 16cm
– one pocket piece in lining fabric measuring 9cm x 12.5
– 8″  zip
– zip foot
– needle and thread
– scissors (paper and fabric)
– iron
– sewing machine


First thing to do is draw out your pattern pieces. You should have four different sized rectangles: one for the back, and two for the front – either side of the zip, and one for the pocket. Pin the patterns onto your fabric and cut out three outer pieces, three lining pieces, and one pocket.


Let’s do the pocket first. Press under 1cm all the way around the outside of the pocket. At the top edge press another 1cm to hide the raw edge, and topstitch in place.


Centre the wrong side of the pocket on the right side of the back lining piece. Pin it in place, and edge stitch all the way around. It is important on a pocket to make sure you backstitch securely at the beginning and end of the stitching.

Next let’s tackle the zip. Cut the zip down so that it fits the width of the purse. Remember to re-secure the end of the zip by stitching over it a couple of times with your sewing machine. (Please note: do not try this if you are using a metal toothed zip!)


Place the zip face up on the right side of one of the smaller lining pieces. (Do not attach the zip to the lining with the pocket piece!) Pop a few pins in to keep it secure. Then place the same size piece of outer fabric on top of the lining, right side down. Pin these three layers together.

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Using a standard zip foot, sew along the edge of the zip teeth, remembering to backstitch at the beginning and end.

Repeat this step for the other side of the zip on the other smaller pieces.

Now we need to sew the outside seams. Let’s start with the outer fabric.

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Keeping the lining out of the way, pin the back piece of outer fabric to the front two pieces you have just sewn. Make sure they are right sides together. Starting at one end of the zip, sew all the way round the outside pieces using a 1cm seam allowance. Backstitch at the beginning and end.

Now we need to do the same with the lining pieces. At this point, open the zip half way so that you can turn the purse the right way out later.


Before you pin, cut off a little piece of your ribbon, fold it in half, and align the ends with the raw edge of the purse (with the loop part on the inside of the purse). Pin the front and back lining together sandwiching the ribbon.

Pin the rest of the lining together all the way around. (Make sure the pocket is the right way up!)


When you sew you’ll need to leave a gap at the bottom which will allow you to turn the purse right sides out. Start stitching along the bottom edge and sew all the way around, stopping at the other end of the bottom edge. You want to aim to leave around a 7cm gap along the bottom.


Now we’re almost ready for the big reveal – we just have one important step left. Being careful not to cut into the stitching, snip off all the corners.

Pulling everything through the lining, turn the purse the right way around.


All you have to do now is slipstitch the gap in the lining closed and you’re finished!


You’ve made a lovely little purse perfect for some summer sunshine – yes please!

Once again, a huge thanks to Heal’s for providing the fabric. It’s lovely to work with and if you’ve got a special project in mind we can’t recommend it enough.

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