DIY Sunglasses Case With Heals Fabric

A couple of weeks ago we were approached by Heals who wondered if we might like to try some of their new fabric range. Would we?! Yes please!


They sent us two gorgeous prints and after umming and ahhing about all the possibilities, we decided to make a sunglasses case from this beautiful design by Cressida Bell. Just in time for the summer sunshine we’re so desperately craving!

photo 5

This fabric is perfect for a sunglasses case as it’s upholstery weight and holds its shape really well. We lined it in some plain cotton from our shop, and added a press stud for the closure. Easy peasy.

If your sunnies are in need of a new home this summer follow the instructions below to learn how to make your own!


For this project you’re going to need:

– 2 pieces of outer fabric measuring 22cm x 12cm
– 2 pieces of lining fabric measuring 20cm x 12cm
– a sew-in press stud
– needle and thread
– pins
– fabric scissors
– paper scissors
– paper to make your pattern
– pen
– ruler
– sewing machine

Let’s get started! First make your patterns for the outer pieces (22cm x 12cm) and lining pieces (20cm x 12cm). Lay these patterns on your fabric and cut 2 pieces of each.


Once you have done that, take a piece of lining fabric and a piece of the outer fabric and pin right sides together along one of the short sides.


Sew the piece together along this edge, backstitching at both ends.

Repeat this for the remaining lining and outer pieces.

Press the seam allowances towards the lining.


Open out these pieces that you have sewn and pin them together. The outer pieces should be right sides together with each other and the lining pieces should be right sides together with each other as shown above.

We are going to sew all the way around these pieces, joining them together. So that we will be able to turn the case the right way out, we need to leave a little gap.

Make sure the seam allowance stays pressed towards the lining fabric when it goes through the machine.


Sew the pieces together in one continuous line as shown above, leaving the gap in the end of the lining fabric. Remember to backstitch at the beginning and end of this line of stitching.


Snip off the corners, being careful not to cut into the stitching.


Turn the case the right way round, pulling it through the gap. Leave the lining sticking out as above so that you can sew the gap shut.


We’re going to hand sew the gap closed with a slip stitch as it gives a lovely invisible finish.


Secure the thread with a few ‘on-the-spot’ stitches at the beginning and end. Then slip stitch the gap closed, finishing with another couple of on-the-spot stitches at the other end.


Push the lining fabric into the inside of the case. As we made the lining shorter than the outer fabric, some of the outer fabric will fold into the inside as well. We think this gives a nice professional looking finish.


One last thing to do: sew on the press stud onto the inside of the case. Don’t rush this bit – you want those studs nice and secure. Use a double thread and do a few stitches all the way round to make sure it’s attached nice and securely. Make sure you’re only sewing through one layer of fabric – you don’t want your stitching showing on the outside of the case.


And that’s it, all finished! A big thanks to Heals for providing the fabric for us. We’ll be back next week with another summery Heals fabric project – see you then!


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