Get Christmas-Ready with our Gorgeous Godets Haxby Skirt Pattern!

It’s Christmas party season and we’re ready with the perfect pattern! The brand new, ultra-swishable Haxby Skirt is now available on Stitch School!

The Haxby Skirt is bound to be your new go-to party skirt. With three lengths and two different waistline heights (on the natural waist and above the waist), you can make a multitude of looks from just one pattern.

Haxby gets its swish from the godets – triangular pieces of fabric stitched in between the skirt panels. The eight godets in the Haxby Skirt make it the ultimate in twirling and the perfect canvas for a gorgeous lightweight fabric.

Whilst you sew up the Haxby Skirt with Becca, you’ll learn everything there is to know about handling and inserting godets. Use our technique of sewing up godets and you’ll get the crispest points to your sewing!

Along the way, we’ll also guide you through constructing and attaching a facing, inserting an invisible zip and how to level a hem (a technique that’s a must in this project!).

If you’re a Basic or Premium Stitch School subscriber, the class is yours to start straight away. Just check your account!

If you’re not yet a Stitch School member but need a Haxby in your wardrobe, sign up for a membership from just £5 a month, and get access to all our Tutorial and Project classes!

2 thoughts on “Get Christmas-Ready with our Gorgeous Godets Haxby Skirt Pattern!”

  1. HappyLuckyAlix says:

    Hi, love this skirt but I don’t need stitch school. Will the pattern be available stand alone?

    1. Alex - Sew Over It says:

      We’re not planning to release any of our Stitch School patterns elsewhere at the moment. They’re special Stitch School exclusives! But you can get access to all the Project patterns on Stitch School for £15 with a 3 month Basic subscription (which you can cancel anytime), about the same price as one Sew Over It pattern 🙂

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