How to make rouleaux straps

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I thought I would do a quick tutorial on how to make rouleaux straps. These are really useful – as well as using them for straps on a dress, you can also use them for button loops. If you feel like changing things up a bit on your Ultimate Shift Dress, instead of inserting a hook and eye, you could use a rouleau loop and a button for the fastening.

So for the rouleaux straps, you will need a rouleaux turner – the best invention since sliced bread. They cost only a few pounds and are a good tool to add to the sewing kit.

Start with a bias strip a bit longer than needed for the strap. I had some already cut from our piped cushion class which are a bit wider than needed but makes it easier to stitch up.

Fold the bias strip in half, right sides together. Then stitch  it a few mm from the folded edge. I popped the needle to the left and lined up the folded edge with the left hand side of the foot. Stitch the full length, backstitching at either end.

Then trim the excess down to less that the ‘tube’ width. As it is cut on the bias it won’t fray so you can can get pretty close to the stitching.

Then insert the rouleaux turner into the ‘tube’ and clip the end to the seam, close the little end so the fabric can’t come out and then pull the rouleaux turner back through the tube – essentially turning it right way round.

You can then iron it flat if you want or keep it nice and rounded.

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