How to make bias binding

Today we’re talking bias binding. Bias binding can be used for all manner of things in dressmaking: finishing necklines and armholes instead of a facing, binding seam allowances (what’s known as a Hong Kong finish), hemming if you don’t want to lose too much length, piping, as well as many other things! It’s also used in quilting to bind the raw edges. So knowing how to make it is an invaluable skill and one which I’m going to show you right now.

You will need a set square or ruler that has a 45 degree angle on it.

Place the ruler at a 45 degree angle from the selvedge.

Then draw lines using tailors chalk at following this angle and equal distance apart, creating strips. The further in from the corner you get the longer the strips.

And if you need longer strips…to join them, place the ends right sides together, with pointed edges poking out either side. Stitch from the ‘v’ to the ‘v’ usually with 1cm seam allowance.

Then press open and clip the pointed edges. You will now have a strip of bias binding that you can add to if you need or use as it is!

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