Our Class Levels

To make it easier for you to decide which classes are more suitable we have added levels. Please see below:

Sewing level:

Level 1:

  • Absolute beginner
  • Have never used a sewing machine before
  • Have never pinned or cut fabric
Level 2: 
  • Have used a sewing machine before
  • Can pin and cut fabric
  • Can thread a sewing machine
  • Can sewing a straight line and follow a seam allowance
Level 3:
  • Can thread a sewing machine
  • Can sew to different seam allowances
  • Understand about backstitching at the start & end of seams
  • Have made a range of sewn items equivalent to those made on our Intro to Sewing class
  • If you have completed our Intro to Sewing class, you are level 3
  • Can carry out all skills mentioned in previous levels
Level 4:
  • Have completed Intro to Dressmaking or similar
  • Can insert a regular zip and attach a waistband
  • Understand notches and grainlines
  • Confident in sewing cotton fabrics
  • Can carry out all skills mentioned in previous levels
Level 5:
  • Have made various basic garments to a good standard
  • Very familiar with sewing cotton, may have occasionally used drapey or stretchy fabrics
  • Can cut, pin and sew fabric accurately
  • Know how to place and pin patterns on fabric without guidance
  • Can insert an invisible zip and sew darts without guidance
  • Can attach facings
  • Can carry out all skills mentioned in previous levels
Level 6:
  • A confident dressmaker
  • Can attach a sleeve
  • Has sewn with difficult fabrics
  • Has a good understanding of clothing construction
  • Has an idea of fitting and altering a pattern
  • Can sew unaided at a good pace – e.g. could make our Ultimate Shift Dress (if already cut out) in 3 hours
  • Can carry out all skills mentioned in previous levels
Level 7:
  • Can carry out all dressmaking skills mentioned in previous levels to a high level
  • Can sew and cut trickier fabrics independently and at a good pace
  • Some experience in fitting and pattern alterations
  • Want to learn more complicated construction skills such as working with lace, and tailoring

Knitting level:

Level 1: Absolute beginner.

Level 2: Can cast on, knit and purl and cast off, but has little practice or confidence.

Level 3: Confident at casting on and off, knits to a fairly even tension. Can work classic textures such as ribbing and moss stitch and has made unshaped projects such as scarves and blankets. Can identify mistakes in own knitting but may be unsure of how to correct them.

Level 4: Basic understanding of garment shaping and construction; can follow simple pattern repeats. Has made simple garments such as dropped-sleeve sweaters, fingerless mitts and baby clothes; has some experience of picking up stitches and sewing knitted pieces together. Can identify mistakes in knitting, correct them and execute repairs such as dropped or twisted stitches. May have worked in horizontal stripes of colour and knitted in the round.

Level 5: Confident at knitting lace and a variety of cables; has experience of knitting with challenging yarns such as mohair and laceweight; can knit to an even tension across these yarn types. Can understand more complex pattern repeats of lace, cable and texture and identify and correct any mistakes. Has made more complex garments with set-in sleeves and body shaping; can maintain continuity of stitch pattern and texture throughout shaping of design features such as armholes and necklines. Picked-up stitches and seams are very even, neat and tidy. May have tried colourwork techniques, or is happy to select different colours than those specified on the pattern instructions.

Level 6: Experienced, proficient and confident knitter with a sound grasp of cables, lace, fairisle and intarsia techniques. Has worked with a wide variety of yarn types and thicknesses from laceweight/4 ply to super chunky, in cotton, wool, mohair and a variety of blends. Excellent understanding of garment construction and knitting in the round. Knowledge of a variety of seam types and can select most appropriate one(s) for project in question; picked up stitches and finishing is beautifully executed. May also have customised or made technical amendments to patterns, e.g. altering a neckline, and shown creative flair, e.g. changing colourways of fairisle/intarsia projects.

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