DIY Tea Cup Pin Cushion

Hi everyone,


As it’s back to school time we thought it was a perfect time to try and get our pins and needles in order. This is a super easy, quick project that requires no sewing machine and minimal supplies, but looks fab on any sewing desk. We love them so much you’ll find them on our own tables at Sew Over It HQ!

Let’s get started… (stopwatch at the ready!)



Here’s what you’re going to need:
– a square of fabric (mine is roughly 24cm wide, or approximately 4cm wider in diameter than the saucer)
– filling of your choice (eg. polyester wadding/stuffing, cotton wool, rice, lentils etc.) I’m using polyester stuffing
– a tea cup and saucer
– a needle and thread
– scissors
– a pencil and ruler
– super glue


Step 1. Lay out your fabric and decide which part of the design (pattern) you’d like to have on the top of your pin cushion – this part will go in the middle of the circle you’re about to cut. You can always use the handle of the tea cup to make sure you’ve found the middle.

Step 2. Use the saucer to measure and draw out your circle. Mine is 4cm wider than the saucer in diameter all the way around.


Step 3. Cut out your circle.




Step 4. Thread your needle and sew a running stitch around your circle approximately 1cm from the edge.



Step 5. Start gathering the circle together, but make sure you leave an opening to add the stuffing.



Step 6. Get a ball of stuffing that’s approximately twice the size of your gathered circle.



Step 7. Stuff your gathered circle.



Step 8. Finish sewing the running stitch round your circle and gather together. Sew three stitches on top of each other to finish.



Step 9. Tie off the ends and trim.


Step 10. Add a thin layer of superglue around the inside rim of the tea cup. Pop your pin cushion into the tea cup and allow the glue to set.

And voilà! Time to put the kettle on now I think… Check the stopwatch – how long did yours take to make??

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