Print Your PDF Sewing Pattern – FAQs

Print your Sew Over It PDF patterns on large-scale A0 paper, using our Copyshop Printing Service!

If you’ve bought a PDF pattern from us, you can now have it printed and posted out to you. Select the number of sheets your pattern has and we’ll do the rest! Add each pattern you’d like printing to your basket separately.

What is A0 copyshop PDF pattern printing?
A0 copyshop printing is the future of sewing patterns! If you love the freedom of PDF patterns, but don’t like sticking A4 sheets of paper together, copyshop printing is the answer. Buy a PDF pattern, and we’ll print it on large, sturdy sheets of paper, fold it neatly and ship it to your door! No cutting and sticking required!

How do I know how many A0 sheets the pattern has?
You can find your files either saved on your computer, or in the Downloads area of your account. Count the number of copyshop files there are (these will have the word “copyshop” in the file name), and this is how many pages there are. Each A0 sheet of a Sew Over It pattern comes as its own file. Alternatively, you can find the number of pages your patterns have using these lists below:

These patterns have 1 sheet:
Alderley Cami, Ava Skirt, Bilberry T-Shirt, Birch Trousers, Clover Trousers, Coco Jacket, Daffodil Dress, Daisy Dress, Dandelion Dungarees, Elm T-Shirt, Erin Skirt, Hebden T-Shirt (men), Hebden T-Shirt (women), Honeydew Hoodie, Juniper Skirt, Knickers, Libby Shirt, Lottie Dress, Lucia Top, Maple Cardigan, Mia Jeans, Pansy Dress, Phoebe Dress, Poppy Dog Coat, Pussy Bow Blouse, Raspberry Romper, Silk Cami, Strawberry Sweatshirt, Tangerine Trousers, Tie, Tulip Skirt, Ultimate Pencil Skirt, Ultimate Trousers, Willow Pinafore

These patterns have 2 sheets:
1940’s Tea Dress, Alex Shirt Dress, Alice Top, Amelia Jacket, Anderson Blouse, Annie Blouse, Betty Dress, Betty Dress Add-on Pack, Carrie Trousers, Cigarette Pants, Clara Blouse, Cora Top, Cowl Neck Dress, Doris Dress, Edie Top & Dress, Ella Blouse, Emma Dress, Emmeline Skirt, Esther Blouse, Florence Dress, Full Circle Skirt, Grace Dress, Hackney Shirt, Haxby Skirt, Heather Dress, Isla Dress, Ivy Skirt, Jessie Coatigan, Joan Dress, Juliette Blouse, Lea Dress, Lily Top, Lola Coat, Lulu Dress, Marguerite Dress, Meredith Dress, Molly Top & Dress, Nancy Dress, Nina Trousers, Peggy Trousers, Penny Dress, Rosie Dress, Sara Dungarees, Susie Blouse, Sylvia Robe, Thea Dress, Ultimate Culottes, Ultimate Pyjamas, Ultimate Shift Dress, Ultimate Shirt, Ultimate Wrap Dress, Vintage Shirt Dress, Zoe Dress

These patterns have 3 sheets:
1960’s Coat (sizes 6-20), 1940’s Wrap Dress, Anna Coat, Blossom Top, Bonnie Blouse & Dress (Sizes 8 – 14), Bonnie Blouse & Dress (Sizes 16 – 20), Camille Jumpsuit & Trousers, Charlotte Dress, Chic Cape, Cocoon Coat, Dahlia Coat, Dana Blouse, Elsie Dress, Eve Dress, Farrah Jumpsuit, Francine Jacket (Version 1), Georgie Dress, Heidi Dress, Kitty Dress (Bodice 1, Skirt 1), Kitty Dress (Bodice 1, Skirt 2), Kitty Dress (Bodice 2, Skirt 1), Kitty Dress (Bodice 2, Skirt 2), Kitty Dress (Bodice 3, Skirt 1), Kitty Dress (Bodice 3, Skirt 2), Kitty Dress (Bodice 4, Skirt 1), Kitty Dress (Bodice 4, Skirt 2), Lizzie Skirt, Poppy Playsuit, Whitley Top

These patterns have 4 sheets:
1960’s Coat (sizes 18-30), Chloe Coat, Francine Jacket (Version 2), Kate Dress

Can I have other companies’ PDF patterns printed with you?
At the moment we’re only able to offer Sew Over It and Poppy & Jazz patterns for printing.

What paper weight do you use?
We currently print on 90 GSM paper, which is a nice sturdy weight. It definitely won’t rip like tissue, but you can still get pins through it!

Can I have only part of a pattern printed, for example only the bodice?
Unfortunately at this time due to us having a very small team, we’re not able to edit documents and split up patterns for part printing. You must have the whole pattern printed. The only exception is in the case of the Kitty Dress, where you need to select the bodice and skirt combination you’d like printing.

Do you print the instructions?
We only print the pattern files, as most people read the instructions from a laptop or tablet. If you’d like to print the instructions, they can easily be printed on a home printer, or at somewhere like an Internet cafe or library.

Do you print A4 sheets?
No, we only print on A0 size paper.

Some of my Poppy & Jazz patterns are on A1 size paper. I can’t see this option.
No matter what the document size, all patterns are printed on A0 size paper. Therefore the cost is the same.

I’ve bought a paper version of a pattern, not the PDF version. Can I still have this printed?
No, we can only print patterns that were bought as PDFs.

Where are you based and do you ship worldwide?
We are based in London, UK and we do ship worldwide! We’ll happily ship anywhere in the world that Royal Mail will send to.

How quickly will I receive my pattern?
We aim to ship all of our online shop orders within three to five days, but unless we’ve recently had a sale, it’s usually much quicker than this.