Ultimate Guide to Sewing & Fitting Trousers


We are incredibly excited to bring you our new online sewing class: the Ultimate Guide to Sewing & Fitting Trousers! This course is all about learning how to sew trousers and achieve the perfect fit.

For the Ultimate Guide to Sewing and Fitting Trousers course, we wanted to bring you TWO patterns:

Carrie Trousers

A brand new pattern for this online class! Inspired by the effortless summer wardrobe of Carrie Bradshaw, the Carrie Trousers are perfect with flats or a day on the beach or a Sunday stroll through the park, but work just as well dressed up for an evening with heels for a glam look.

The Carrie Trousers are loose-fitting through the leg, slightly tapering towards the ankle. With no need for any tricky closures, they have a flattering flat-fronted, elasticated-back waistband with pretty pleats at the front. Practical and ideal for summer, the Carrie Trousers are mid-rise and feature ever useful slanted pockets at the side seams. Easy to fit, they are a great starting point for newbie trouser sewers who want to get to grips with construction.

Ultimate Trousers

One of our bestselling sewing patterns, the Ultimate Trousers are a slim-fitting, ankle grazing trouser, flattering for so many figures. They are a year-round staple in Lisa’s wardrobe. Dress them up or down, they’re perfect for so many occasions.

We know that mastering the fit of these slim-fitting trousers is something many of you are scared of having a go on your own. This part of the course concentrates on just that, helping to diagnose fitting issues, before showing you how to alter your pattern to make it work for your body.

Who is the class for?

The Ultimate Guide to Sewing & Fitting Trousers online class is aimed at trouser-sewing newbies. If you’ve made a few garments before but never sewn trousers, this is the perfect place to start. We’ll guide you through the construction, and if it’s the fit you want to master, we’ve got you covered there too.

What will you learn?

As well as learning how to construct two different styles of trousers, this online course focuses heavily on achieving the perfect fit. Those of you who have attempted trousers before will know that this can be a tricky business!

In the first segment of the course, we’ll be making the Carrie Trousers. You will learn:

  • how to measure yourself and choose the correct size for your body
  • choosing the appropriate fabric
  • how to assemble your PDF pattern and cut it out
  • how to prepare and cut your fabric
  • how to stitch the slanted pockets
  • how to create pleats
  • constructing a basic no-closure pair of trousers
  • the best ways to finish the raw edges of your seam allowances
  • how to create an elasticated waistband
  • how to hem your trousers

For the Ultimate Trousers, as well as the basic construction, we will also concentrate on getting the fit just right, as well as some alternate styling options. The construction begins with:

  • stitching the darts
  • how to construct the leg and crotch seams
  • the best way to insert the invisible zip
  • how to attach the facing
  • hemming your trousers

The fitting stages include diagnosing and adjusting for the following fit issues:

  • flat bottom
  • full bottom
  • full tummy
  • full thighs
  • loose crotch
  • tight crotch
  • thin thighs

We will also show you how to alter your pattern to suit your style. Learn to:

  • add a waistband
  • raise the waistline
  • taper the trouser legs towards the ankle

Achieve the perfect fit and style for you!

Sizing & Fabric Requirements

Both the Carrie Trousers and Ultimate Trousers are UK sizes 8-20.

Carrie Trousers

Carrie Trousers Sizing Chart | Ultimate Guide to Sewing & Fitting Trousers

Ultimate Trousers

Ultimate Trousers Sizing Chart | Ultimate Guide to Sewing & Fitting Trousers