Roll Up, Roll Up! Read All About The Roxy!

Lisa wearing a navy Roxy Jumper, with her hand on her hip and smiling

Say hello to the Roxy Jumper!

Hello everyone! We’re excited to reveal there’s a cute new pattern joining our collection today – meet the Roxy Jumper!

Lisa wearing a striped Roxy Jumper and holding her hands on her hips

We designed the Roxy Jumper to extend our autumn wardrobes into winter – the perfect make to wear over one your favourite handmade dresses, as she’ll keep you warm and stylish. She also looks fab paired with a high waisted skirt or pair of trousers. She will be your winter wardrobe’s best new friend!

Close-up image of Lisa wearing a navy Roxy Jumper and smiling

Lisa is wearing hers here with a pair of Nina Trousers, great for a smarter look! You could also pair it with our Carrie Trousers for an effortless SATC-inspired look. Or with one of our skirts like an Ivy or Ava teamed with little ankle boots.

Salma wearing a hot pink Roxy Jumper and looking to one side

Roxy is perfect for knit fabrics like roma di ponte which has some structure, but you could also make her out of french terry or a medium weight cotton jersey. Let’s face it, we are all wearing a lot of comfy jersey at the moment so we hope you will be as pleased as us to have a new knit pattern added into the mix!


Technical drawing showing the front and back of the Roxy Jumper sewing pattern

We wanted Roxy to be a classic design like so many of our patterns but we’ve added some variations for you to mix and match. Go for super simple or mix it up with a bell sleeve or a pretty gathered shoulder yoke detail (inspired by our Eve Dress!)

Chantelle standing with her hands on her hips and looking down towards the floor, whilst wearing a sparkly Roxy Jumper over a floaty, floral dress


The Roxy Jumper is designed with advanced beginners in mind, so a fun make all-round!

Like all our new patterns, the Roxy Jumper is available in our new extended size range of UK 6-30.

Lisa wearing a navy Roxy Jumper, with her hand on her hip and smiling

Do you want to stay snug in style by adding the Roxy Jumper to your winter wardrobe?