Seeking BIPOC and Disabled Makers to Join Pattern Insiders

Are you a BIPOC or disabled sewing lover who loves sharing brand new patterns? We’d love you to apply to join our team of Pattern Insiders!


What is a Pattern Insider?

Last year we launched our Pattern Insiders team. This team is made up of amazing makers who are given early access to our patterns for free. The idea is that, if you like a design, as a Pattern Insider you sew it up and post to Instagram on the day of the pattern release. We then repost your photos to our channels, which helps customers visualise our new patterns on a range of different bodies.

You can follow the #soipatterninsiders hashtag on Instagram to keep us with all our Pattern Insiders’ creations.

We are now recruiting for new Pattern Insiders to join the team, this time specifically people of colour and people who are disabled. This is because we’re currently under-representing these groups within the team. If you love our patterns, we’d love you to apply. We’re looking for Black, Asian, Latina/x and other minority makers, and makers with a disability, aged 18+ who fall within our newly extended size range of 6-30.



Why did we start Pattern Insiders?

Lots of our customers told us that they struggle to envisage a pattern on themselves when it’s shown on a model who doesn’t look like them. This could be due to body type, age, ethnicity, ability and any number of other reasons. Though when we launched the Pattern Insiders team we aimed to select a diverse range of makers, it’s clear that in the case of ethnicity and ability, we didn’t go far enough.

In welcoming specifically more makers of colour and those with a disability into the team, we hope to be able to show a much more true representation of the global sewing community on our channels. We hope then that those people who have perhaps felt left out will see themselves represented and feel that they are welcome.



Why apply to become a Pattern Insider?

We want to make being a Pattern Insider fun, enjoyable and worth it for you. We’re not able to pay Pattern Insiders, but you will receive new patterns before their release, free of charge, as well as access to all of our previously released designs. We will also be delighted to give you exposure across our social media channels.

There is no pressure to post your own blog posts or review your finished garment, but if you do we’ll be very happy to link to you where we can.

In order to make being a Pattern Insider more accessible to everyone financially, we offer:

– free A0 printing for all new patterns (we can either print and send from our shop, or pay for printing within your own country)
– a fabric budget (details of which still need to be fully worked out)
– unlimited free digital Sew Over It patterns, so that you can make anything from our range whenever you like

There’s no obligation for Pattern Insiders to make every single pattern we release, but we ask for a minimum of three per year to be kept on the team. As we do our testing in house, Pattern Insiders are not expected to test the patterns.



Applying to become a Pattern Insider
To be considered, you must:

1. Have a public Instagram profile and be happy to post your finished garment on the pattern’s release day.
(Unfortunately we can’t consider private Instagram accounts as we can’t see your photos!)

2. Have a Facebook account and be happy to share your photos in our Facebook groups

3. Be able to commit to sewing a minimum of three of our new patterns per year. (We release at least one pattern per month.)

4. Be able to sew to a deadline of two weeks

5. Be able to take clear, bright photos of the garment worn. (See below)

6. Commit to keeping the new pattern a secret, both publicly and privately, until it is released

As Instagram and Facebook are visual platforms, when selecting Pattern Insiders we’ll be looking for evidence of bright, well-shot photos of finished makes, ideally in natural light, which clearly show the garment. Ideally we’re after whole body shots – including head! Tiled photos aren’t ideal as they can be tricky to share. We don’t care how many followers you have – bright, clear photos are much more important to us.



The deadline for Pattern Insider applications is Monday 27th July. Click the button below to apply!

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