Top 5 Specialist Sewing Shops in London

Top 5 Specialist Sewing Shops in London

At Sew Over It we spend a lot of time sourcing the best materials for our classes. As a business, we buy most of our supplies from wholesalers, but because we often get questions about where to source the more unusual stock, we thought we’d put together a list of our favourite specialist sewing shops in London.


1. J.T Bachelors – Leather supplies

Tucked down a back a little back alley in deepest darkest Dalston, you will find this little gem of a store selling a large variety of leathers in beautiful colours from a heavy weight cow hide to a buttery soft lamb nappa. The staff are really helpful but it does help to know roughly what you’re after. They also sell leather dyes if you wanted to get really creative, as well as lots of buckles and D rings.


2. Barnett Lawson Trimmings – Haberdashery

Top 5 Specialist Sewing Shops in London // Sew Over It

Photo credit: Annie Armitage

If you’re after larger quantities of supplies in central London then look no further. This is another well hidden gem situated just behind the big Topshop by Oxford Circus. You have to be buzzed into a rather bizarre looking hallway but persevere, because down the stairs in the basement is a treasure trove of haberdashery. From bra elastic to sequin nipple tassels this place has it all. Lots of interesting ribbons, sequin motifs as well as flowers. The staff are really helpful and will show you to the right aisle and give you advice if you need it. Be warned you have to buy most of the ribbons in tens of metres – think of all the possibilities!


3. Kleins – Haberdashery

Based in Soho this is a one-stop shop if you have a few things on your list. As well as all the basics they also stock lots of specialist zips, including the very longs ones for coats, as well as metals zips which are hard to come across these days. You can also find all the components for corsetry.


4. Atelier Millinery – Millinery Supplies and Vintage Trimmings


Tucked away on the third floor of Kingly Court just off Carnaby Street in Soho, this place is worth a visit. With a huge variety of vintage ribbons it has everything you could want. They spend a lot of time sourcing vintage flowers and feather motifs as well as veiling. The staff have a wealth of knowledge and will help you with any questions you may have. They also stock a range of ready made hats which you can buy or give you inspiration.


5. D&M Buttons – Buttonholers

Step back in time and head into this one of kind workroom. We know many of your out there are fearful of doing your own buttonholes – fear not, there is solution! Splash out £4.00 and you can get an entire garment buttonholed. They will also line up and make sure the spacing is correct so there is no stress at all. If you bring in some scrap fabric they’ll also cover your buttons for you to match your garment. We sent a few of our 1960’s Coat students there and they have assured us they’re never looking back!

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