So many beginner sewers out there!

We have been trying to keep up with the demand of all our beginner sewers out there and adding new dates for the Button me classes and Intro to sewing. It makes me so happy to see we are selling out – that means there are so many people who will be able to sew thanks to Sew Over It – this is just why I set it up!

We are also going to add an Intro to sewing 2 course for all of you who take our intro to sewing and want to learn more. The course will be about following commercial patterns (probably a skirt) and then covering new skills such as button holes, gathering, binding and machine embroidery. But I am open to suggestions! I make these courses for your sewing needs so let me know if there is anything you would love to be covered in the course.

We will soon be offering mini classes for those of you who want a taste of a certain skill. For example we will have a zip class where you will learn how to sew both regular and invisible zips, a button hole class, an overlocking basics class, binding and finishing seams class and more….. Unlike our other classes you won’t complete a project in the class, they will be purely skills based, so you can walk away with a new skill in just over an hour! Prices will probably be around £15 a session and we will run the sessions in the evenings and weekends. Watch this space!

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