Top Tips for Sewing with Viscose

Last month we released our gorgeous new range of fabric, the Sprinkles viscose collection. Along with lots of you, our team fell in love with its buttery softness and versatility. If you’ve been on our YouTube channel recently, you’ll see we had fun sewing up our own Sprinkles viscose makes. (Read yesterday’s blog post for pictures and to watch our Haul and Makes videos!)

When we released this fabric collection a few of our customers told us they hadn’t tried sewing with viscose (also known as rayon) as they’d heard it was a bit tricky. So we also thought we’d put together a video with all our best tips and tricks for sewing viscose. In this video we talk through the best needles to use, how to stabilise seams, and how when it comes to pins, more is more – plus lots of other tips! We’re delighted it’s already had lots of views so we’re hoping it’s helpful for all those who are a bit unsure about where to start.

Watch our Top Tips for Sewing Viscose video

4 thoughts on “Top Tips for Sewing with Viscose”

  1. Nanny Nette says:

    Thank you so much ladies for a very informative video! I’m 59 & have been dressmaking since I was 12, including 100’s of costumes, but I was still able to learn TWO new tips! Thank you for adding to my sewing Arsenal

  2. Before it’s difficult for me how to sew viscose, however, after watching your video, i can learn a lot of useful tips. Thank you for giving me these helpful information. I hope you can make more videos like this!

  3. After reading this article and watching the video, I was able to sew viscose myself, something I had never thought I could do. Thanks so much for sharing!

  4. Rita Smith says:

    Thanks for the tip re.interfacing before sewing your zip. This is where I got very frustrated. I now feel better about trying viscose again.

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