Ultimate Shirt Class

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The Ultimate Shirt is a classic fitted shirt, practical and stylish in one fell swoop.

On this course you will learn the fundamentals of shirt construction, including how to sew a collar and collar stand, cuffs and buttonholes. You will leave with a beautiful shirt, all made under the guidance of our most experienced dressmaking teachers.

We will concentrate on fit and alter the pattern at the beginning  of the class to fit you. We will then fit the garment during the class to ensure you leave with a fitted shirt and a pattern altered to fit you perfectly.

Your sewing level

Shirts are pretty tricky which is why we have labelled this as an advanced dressmaking class. It is not suitable for those with no/little dressmaking experience. You’ll need to be able to sew at a good speed and have had experience of sewing darts and ideally inserting a sleeve. There might be a little bit of homework to do between the classes.

Cake and tea are provided to help the sewing process along!

Level: 6

  • A confident dressmaker
  • Can confidently approach all skills mentioned in other class levels in addition to setting a sleeve
  • Has sewn with difficult fabrics
  • Has a good understanding of clothing construction
  • Has an idea of fitting and altering a pattern
  • Can sew unaided at a good pace – e.g. could make our Ultimate Shift Dress (if already cut out) in 3 hours

Class length: Three 3 hour sessions

Materials required:

Buttons for your shirt

115cm wide cloth

Size  8, 10, 12                 2.1M
Size  14, 16, 18,  20       2.2M

140cm wide cloth

Size 8, 10, 12, 14           1.7M
Size   16,  18,  20            1.9M

If you are tall and think you might want to lengthen the sleeves and the body of the shirt, buy an extra  30cm

We have the perfect fabric available on our online fabric shop.

Pattern sizes: 8-20. If you are outside or may be bordering on this range of sizes, please contact us two weeks before the class as we will need to grade a pattern especially for you. If it is just one size up or down, we will do this free of charge, but if it is more then there may be a small fee.

Max in a class: 6

Teacher: Julie Johnston, Layla Totah

Price: £150


Clapham dates:

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Islington dates:

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