Ultimate Trousers Sewalong No. 1: Gathering Your Supplies

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Today we’re going to get the ball rolling for the Ultimate Trousers sewalong. We know a lot of people are scared of trousers but once you get going you’ll find the construction is actually fairly simple. It’s the fit you want to get right with trousers, and so in this sewalong we’ll be showing you a few adjustments that can help you to get the perfect fit.

The Ultimate Trousers is a level 5 pattern, which means you should have a couple of simple dressmaking projects under your belt. We’re going to be inserting an invisible zip, and attaching a waist facing, but other than that there are no tricky techniques for you to master.

We’ll be guiding you every step of the way, but if you get stuck let us know. You can comment on the blog, email us, or send us a message on Facebook or Twitter.

We’re picking up the pace with this sewalong, and we’re aiming to have our trousers finished in a week. You heard us right folks, a week! We’re going to start with measuring and cutting on Monday 7th July, and by Sunday 13th we will be hemming. The full schedule looks like this:

Monday 7th July: Measuring and cutting
Tuesday 8th July: Stitching the darts
Wednesday 9th July: Stitching the inner, outer, and crotch seams
Thursday 10th July: Getting the right fit
Friday 11th July: Inserting the invisble zip
Saturday 12th July: Attaching the facing
Sunday 13th July: Hemming the trousers

We’re going quickly but we know you can do it!

In order to start on time you’ll need to start gathering your supplies and choosing your fabric quick sharp.

Choosing your fabric

Your options for the Ultimate Trousers are quite endless. If you’re after a light summery pair you can go with cotton, or if you’re getting ready for cooler weather you could try denim or wool. For a looser fit you could try crepe or even rayon. (Our teacher Dominique made herself a rayon pair and they are gorgeous.)

The pattern is designed for woven fabrics with no stretch but you can get away with a teensy bit of stretch. We’ve made a pair from our stretch cotton which has 3% elastane, and they are a dream to wear. We’ve created a section on our online shop specifically for trouser-appropriate fabric.

In terms of supplies, here’s what you’re going to need:


– Ultimate Trousers pattern (available from our shop or online here)
– fabric (see chart below for fabric requirements)
– 9″ invisible zip
– invisible zip foot
– standard zip foot (optional)
– pins
– tape measure
– tailor’s chalk or washable fabric pen
– scissors (fabric and paper)
– thread
– hand sewing needle
– iron
– sewing machine

The fabric requirements are as follows:

Fabric Requirements

Once you have collected all your supplies, it’s a good idea to prewash your fabric. Fabric, especially fabric made from natural fibres like cotton, will shrink a certain amount the first time you wash it. As you can imagine, you want to shrink the fabric BEFORE you have sewn it – otherwise you could end up with a pair of trousers that no longer fit after the first wash. A nightmare, believe us. Chuck it in the wash when you get it home, and wash it on the same setting you plan to wash your finished trousers.

That’s it for now folks. Go forth into the world, find your fabric and your supplies and we’ll see you back here on Monday when the fun will begin!

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  1. shirley smith says:

    i’m desperate to get the ultimate trouser pattern but the link isn’t working. can you help pls?

    1. admin says:

      Hi Shirley, so sorry to hear it’s not working! If you could email [email protected] someone will be with you asap to get you sewing!

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