Rosehip Stationery: New in Stock!


It’s an exciting time at Sew Over It at the moment. We’re busy bees working on new sewing patterns, new collaborations with other crafty cats, a new book launch and new classes. We’re also expanding the range of stock in our shop, with lots of fresh fabrics and exciting stationery additions.

One stationery addition we’re realy excited about is a new line we’ve just started stocking from Rosehip Stationery. The designs are beautiful; we are in love!

Sew Over It // Rosehip Stationery. Find the full range here:

We love that they are haberdashery-inspired with a little vintage edge, while still remaining contemporary.

Sew Over It // Rosehip Stationery. Find the full range here:

If you are stationery fiends like us, you’ll know how important it is to have, at all times, a good selection of notecards and notebooks close by. You never know when you might need to write a little thank you note, or start a new series of lists. And of course, the box file is a very handy, very pretty way to keep everything in place!

Come to think of it, the box file would be so useful for storing sewing bits and bobs as well. We can imagine packing up a half-finished dressmaking project, folding it neatly and keeping it all together in one of these. You could put your thread, bobbin, scissors, tape measure, pins and notes all in there too to make sure nothing is lost. Yes, I think the Sew Over It team are going to snaffle a few of these up!

Sew Over It // Rosehip Stationery. Find the full range here:
Find the new Rosehip stationery collection online, as well as in both our Clapham and Islington shops.

What are your favourite haberdashery and stationery brands? Is there anything you’d like to see stocked at Sew Over It! Let us know by leaving a comment below, or share with us on Twitter, Facebook or Instagram.

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