Roman Blinds for Lisa's Flat

So I am now in full swing of decorating our flat we just bought in Hackney (yes miles from the shop!!) We still don’t have enough furniture and a lot of rooms still need painting. Basically there are lots of other jobs that should be prioritised. But I have convinced myself I need to make lots of cushions (even though there is nowhere to put them). So I am merrily making cushions and lampshades hoping that fairies will come in the night and do the boring painting.  However one thing that I have sewn that is useful and practical for now are my roman blinds….

I made two for our sash windows in the front room. Now I can’t lie, I did have some help. Our wonderful soft furnishings teacher Bevelee Regan helped me. For once I was the student and it felt great.

The hardest thing was the maths. Being confident that all the calculations for the ‘bites’ are right is hard, but Bevelee gave me a little formula to stick to so I should manage on my own.

The other thing that was hard for me to get my head round, a dressmaker, is the fact that you work from the bottom up not the top down. So all the measurements are marked from the hem up. This seems bizarre to me as I would never work from the hem of a dress up. But it works – so there is logic in it.

I wanted the blinds to be hand finished so you don’t see the stitching from the outside. I was more than happy to hand sew a lot of the seams as I love hand sewing(the lining is machined stitched, the rest is done by hand). But those of  you who aren’t so keen may want to opt for the machine made blinds option (which we teach as a class).

I am so proud of them and I have saved myself about £500. And there is nothing like coming into the room and seeing beautiful blinds that you have made. Result.   Now, I must get back to my cushion making……

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