Lisa Makes a Pleated Skirt

I was feeling like I hadn’t made something new, as in a brand new pattern, in ages. I had an hour in the day and I stole it to make myself a pleated skirt pattern and then spent the evening making it up.

It was quite simple to calculate. I measured my waist, divided it in four, so the front would be a quarter and the back a quarter. Then for the front I added 1.5cm for seam allowance (as planning on cutting it on the fold) and for the back added 3cm s/a (as cutting a pair).  I then measured the length of the skirt I wanted and added hem and seam allowance.

I decided to pleat it to a 1:2 ratio – so not really full pleats, just gentle ones. I divided the front into equal portions and slashed it at these points to then insert the same amount again – to give me enough fabric to make pleats. I also slightly flared the side seams – grading to 5cm wider at the hem.

I decided to do box pleats as they are my favourite. I pinned them and then machine basted to hold them in place.

I popped a concealed zip in the back which is even more concealed as the pleats fold over towards it.

The waistband is just like the waistband used in the Intro to dressmaking and attached in the same way.

For the hem, it had to be hand stitched. If you don’t know this about me yet, I love hand finishing garments. So overlocked the raw edge and then pinned and hand stitched in place.

Already worn it to work. Hoping to wear it tomorrow at our first bbq of the year – just a shame the fake tan I put on last night on my legs has gone streaky 🙁

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