Jersey Kimono Jacket

My sewing adventures this week – didn’t lead to a finished Ultimate wrap dress (it’s cut out and waiting to go). I got side-tracked. I spotted this lovely stripe jersey in the Cloth House in Berwick street and wondered what a Kimono jacket would look like in this. I hope you agree, it works. Excuse the endless poses of me wearing it – was trying to show different ways it can look!

I made it following the same steps as when I made it out of crepe. It was a little tricky to cut as it curled the moment the blades of the scissors touched it. I compensated with an army of pins.

The construction requires mainly machine sewing and then I hand sewed the binding on the neck and the hems.

I am amazed at how the jersey changes the look completely of the jacket. This version is more casual and contemporary.

I am now pondering what other fabrics would work – sweatshirt jersey, chiffon, beaded fabrics… The possibilities I think may be endless.

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