"Anchorman" Inspired Ultimate Wrap Dress

People say inspiration comes from everywhere. It does. In this instance, my inspiration for this variation of our Ultimate wrap dress came from a very unlikely film – Anchorman. At the start of the film Christina Applegate wears a pink wrap dress with a 70s style collar and cuffs. The seed was planted.

In my version, I have made the collar not too 70s so it doesn’t look too retro. I managed to find some fabric of a similar weight and texture. Very slippy and heavy which can make it difficult to sew.

I got the fabric from Cloth House but it has sold out as when I sent my boyfriend in there to pick up some more (I had forgotten to buy enough for the collar). So my collar is placed rather cheekily off grain. Forgive me I have sinned!

For those of you who have this pattern and want to give it a whirl. The cuffs are just the circumference of the sleeve hem, plus seam allowance and then depth of the cuff plus seam allowance. One pair per sleeve.

They are constructed by stitching the pieces together along the bottom edge, then understitching that edge to make it sit flat. Then you stitch up the to shorter edges. I attached them to the sleeve once it had been sewn up (but before it was inserted into the dress). I first stitched the outer edge of the cuff to the sleeve hem and then the remaining edge can be slip stitched down to the seam allowance or sink stitched from the outside.

The collar pattern is slightly trickier – you will need to pin the back and front pattern pieces together at the shoulder seams to get the neckline edge to base the collar on. Trace along this edge and then draw your collar from this. The collar is made up in a normal way – bagged out and understitched along the under collar. It was then inserted in-between the dress and the facing.

I make it sound simple and it isn’t if you are new to dressmaking. I will have to do a proper tutorial or video sometime so you can all have a stab!

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