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I decided a few weeks ago that it was about time I got back out there and discovered some other patterns. Obviously I love making up our patterns, but it is nice to try other people’s.  First on the list was the Coppelia Cardi by Papercut Patterns. I was inspired by the lovely versions made by Lauren and Fiona and thought it would be the perfect cardigan for spring.


It is very similar to our own Wrap Blouse (which was one of the first classes when I launched and will be making a come back!). But this is for jersey whereas ours is intended to be made using woven fabric. The sleeves are also different in construction – I really like the raglan design of the Coppelia.

The instructions were easy to follow, which made for a really quick and simple sew. I liked the paper it was printed on too (brown paper like you use for parcels!).


The first one I made was out of this lovely spot jersey which I got from Fabrics Galore. It doesn’t have much stretch to it so I am not sure if it is the right fabric for this pattern. You can see that the neckband sits away from my neck, making it looking more geisha than cardi. This is because it is cut on the straight grain so using a jersey with little stretch, it doesn’t fit into the neck.




My second attempt was better, in a much thinner, more stretchy jersey which I got from Cloth House.


I also opted to put the cuffs on this version which I love. Love having long sleeves that come over your hands.


All in all it’s a lovely versatile garment and I’m definitely going to make more. My only comment would be that in the instructions it is not clear that the neckband needs to extend off the cardi if it is going to get caught in on the waist tie. This was the only part that was a little bit of a head-scratcher, but everything else was clear and easy to follow. I think it would be a great pattern for those trying out jersey for the first time.

What’ve you been sewing this week?

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