Zadie Blouse Pattern Hack ✂️

This week we welcomed the Zadie Blouse into the fold! She’s a loose-fitting, button-up blouse, with a simple short band collar, gorgeous gathered sleeves and cute button cuffs.

But if you’re looking for an even simpler design to suit your style, then we’ve got the perfect Stitch School pattern hack for you!

Lisa will show you how to…

 rotate the gathers away from the neckline
 turn them into a bust dart for a closer fit and classic look

Excited to get started? If you’re a Stitch School member, you will find the tutorial already linked in your account.

Not yet a member, but keen to take your sewing up a notch? Our Zadie Blouse Pattern Hack tutorial is included in all Stitch School memberships, so join up for just £5 per month.

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