Stay Home And Sewalong: Dates and Times

Stay Home and Sewalong with Sew Over It. Next live sewalongs: Monday 26 and Tuesday 27 October 2020 at 1pm BST.

Join us on YouTube to sew along with Lisa, have a chat with fellow makers, and keep busy with a fun project. We’ll be indulging in our favourite hobby, talking all things sewing!

For a few days each month we’ll be sewing some of our favourite Sew Over It patterns. See our schedule below for what’s coming up!


PDF Club Membership 2020 - Sew Over It

Monday 26th October
1pm: sewalong for October’s secret pattern pt 1 (PDF Club members will find out first!)

Tuesday 27th October
1pm: sewalong for October’s secret pattern pt 2 (PDF Club members will find out first!)


All sewalongs will take place on YouTube, and all times are GMT (UK time). If you’re unable to watch whilst it’s live, don’t worry, we’ll upload the recording shortly afterwards.

We’ll also be bringing you more pre-recorded sewalongs and new pattern hacks to keep you inspired!

Watch all past sewalongs on our Stay Home and Sewalong playlist.

We hope to see you there! Share on Instagram with hashtag #stayhomeandsewalong



29 thoughts on “Stay Home And Sewalong: Dates and Times”

  1. Angie bolton says:

    Loving the sew a longs, thankyou, im thinking of joining the pdf club and getting the whitley top as I like the fact that its for a dd cup. Will any more of your future patterns have bigger cup sizes? Thanks x

  2. Gillian Fassnidge says:

    Thank you just what is needed and an opportunity to share with our grandchildren who we are missing in person!!

  3. kirkmanc5 says:

    Hi was just wondering what fabric would you recommend to make a pair of ultimate trousers Than you

    1. Alex - Sew Over It says:

      We recommend stretch cotton or cotton sateen, or even a stretch denim!

  4. Marcia Buckley says:

    What sew along at home classes have you completed…I want to catch up on what I have missed…the names of each pattern BEFORE the Hebden t-shirt class……..I want to bulk order my patterns and fabric…thank you.

    1. Alex - Sew Over It says:

      Hi Marcia! You can see all the sewalongs that have passed here: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLuuz8NruvqhErMpm1EinlhypMaGPii8Rl

  5. Caroline Brothwood says:

    I am absolutely loving these sew alongs. Could you possibly put a list of all the ones done so far on here? I keep buying fabric for different ones and then it arrives I can’t remember which one i brought it for!

    1. Alex - Sew Over It says:

      You can find all the sewalongs we’ve done in this handy playlist on YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLuuz8NruvqhErMpm1EinlhypMaGPii8Rl

  6. Laura says:

    Thank you for all the sewalongs. They are super helpful and inspiring. Any chance you will do a Anderson blouse sewalong?
    Thanks 🙂

    1. Alex - Sew Over It says:

      We’ll add it to the list!

  7. Vanessa says:

    I love you’re sewalongs they make me smile, inspiring and I want to thank Lisa, Alex and the team. I have bought two ebook in the last couple of days and I’ve ordered some fabric for Audrey top I love the vintage style but I also love the ebooks, brilliant ☺️ keep doing what you doing guys brilliant ☺️

    1. Alex - Sew Over It says:

      Aw thank you so much Vanessa!

  8. Tori says:

    I love that you guys are doing this and it’s 1 more example of how small businesses do it better. Is there any chance you will be sewing the Libby shirt? That collar is certainly tricky.

    1. Alex - Sew Over It says:

      Thanks! The Libby Shirt sewalong starts on July 28th 🙂

  9. Jan Brodie says:

    Thank you for all the lock down sew-alongs, they have been lots of fun and very helpful. I have joined the PDF club and Stitch School as a result, and would highly recommend both. Currently sewing the Audrey top to get me going before I tackle the Summer Dreaming capsule. Fallen out with my machine a few times, but thanks to Lisa’s you tube instructions it’s still alive and so is the top . Keep up the great work folks, you’re doing a fantastic job of educating the nation

  10. Victoria says:

    I love that you guys are doing this! Are you planning on a Libby shirt sewalong?

    1. Alex - Sew Over It says:

      Yes! It starts on 28th July!

  11. KathleenLittler says:

    I love watching your sewalongs, you often ask what people are sewing, I am sewing my second Penny Dress made a few mistakes on the first one

  12. loriannpa says:

    I haven’t missed a sewalong since Lisa started them! I’ve been garment sewing for many years, but I still pick up a tip or two from Lisa and chatting live with people from all over the world is thrilling as well. Lisa has opened up the world to her sewing classes and chatty banter as well as opening up her new home to us for all to share. Decorating tips are a bonus!

    1. Alex - Sew Over It says:

      Aw that’s lovely Loriann!

  13. Kay Anderson says:

    I am looking to purchase a new overlocker and would appreciate your recommendations/comments.

    Many thanks

    1. Alex - Sew Over It says:

      We only have experience of Janome 6234Xls, but they’re great!

  14. Sophia says:

    Yaaaay!!!….Thrilled that the Poppy Jumpsuit is scheduled for the sew along. I really love the design and can’t wait to have my very own. I’ve had the pattern for a while now, but have been reluctant to start because the test square is slightly small on the PDF pattern.. Hopefully they’ll be tips to combat this?

    1. Alex - Sew Over It says:

      Yay! You need to make sure the test square is exactly 10cm x 10cm otherwise your finished garment won’t come out the correct size. We’d recommend printing it again using 100% scale on your printer settings. If you can’t do that and the square is smaller, you’ll need to select a larger size to make up for the difference, but we’re not going to be able to give advice on which size to choose I’m afraid. If you can print again, we’d recommend it!

  15. Linda Thomas says:

    Very much enjoy all the sewalongs. I’ve just bought the Jessie Coatigan PDF so I’m hoping that a sewalong may come along soon for this pattern too! Linda

  16. Patricia Ince says:

    I love watching the sew alongs with Lisa, although I don’t sew as much these days, at 82 I cant always find the energy but what I do want to ask is why you just sew with only three reels of thread on the overlocker I have the same overlocker which I have had for about twenty years and I always use four reels? Something that amused me is all the years I have had my Janome overlocker I did not realise that that there was a thread cutter on the side and its only through watching Lisa tnat I knew it was there – duhhhh! Lol! Kind regards to you all.

    1. Alex - Sew Over It says:

      Four reels of thread allows you to sew seams without using a standard sewing machine, so you can sew jersey garment seams solely on an overlocker. Three threads is all you need for finishing seams, but to avoid having to thread and rethread, most people keep it threaded with four 🙂

  17. Emma says:

    Can you please do a sew along for the bonnie blouse? I really want to buy that pattern but it looks to hard to sew. Thank you

    1. Alex - Sew Over It says:

      We’ll add a sewalong to our list but it’ll probably not be until next year. But we have a free class on sewing the pleats on Stitch School here: https://sewoveritstitchschool.co.uk/courses/sewing-the-bonnie-blouse That’s the trickiest bit so should help!

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